Dreaming of Kissing

Kissing Dream Meaning?

Do you realize that kissing triggers an emotional reaction in your brain? The so-called “love hormone” actually has an scientific name: the oxytocin which can trigger feelings of love and affection.

What does the release of serotonin and dopamine in your brain has to do with dreams? You may be surprised to learn that this release can be projected onto the person you kiss. In a metaphorical sense, that’s.

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The kiss in your dream is something of an connection that that you share with the person you are dreaming about and typically has nothing to do with any kind of sexual attraction, except if you’re in the process of kissing the person you consider to be your ” crush” in your dream..

Dreams are known for sending messages in a metaphorical way, which is why you need to look into the possibility of “attracting” these two energies in conjunction.

Unfortunately, dreams of kissings aren’t as straightforward as you believe, and it’s quite common to imagine being kissed by strangers, acquaintances or ex-lovers, and even those who have the same sexuality. Kissing is an incredibly powerful experience that awaits you to discover its true significance. Discover if you have met your partner in a dreams?

Before you get too complicated with kissing, let’s start with the basics!

Did You Kiss Your Crush In Your Dreams?

The dreams are so intense, you’d rather not wake up from these dreams. What is the reason you are being romantically involved with your lover? According to Sigmund Freud, dreaming of kisses could be related to the development of your sexuality and desires or maybe a desire for satisfaction.

If you’re kissing your lover on his or her lips, it could be a sign of a need or desire to connect.

Do the kisses you share with your lover in your dream be a sign of things that will occur in the near future? Perhaps this is the reason you’re dreaming of someone you love kissing you in the late at night. What can you do to know if that they’re dreaming of exactly the similar thing?

Why Kissing In Dreams Is Symbolic

Who could you be having a romantic moment with during your dreams? The person you are dreaming about plays an important part in understanding your dreams. It is possible to ask questions about certain aspects before decoding your dream.

  • Do you have a romantic relationship with someone you personally know?
  • Are they someone you love or would never be ever be
  • Did this person you dreamed of were able to kiss in your dream?
  • Did you see someone kiss your loved one?
  • Do they have a kiss on the cheek, lips, or forehead?
  • What did you feel like when it occurred?

As you can see , kissing in dreams can be more complicated than you imagine but it is also an affirmation of your love, regardless of whether the fact that you may kiss someone or not. Dreaming of kissing can bring your attention to certain aspects of that you may want to inherit or maybe suppress within.

You’re attracted by certain aspects of them that go beyond the realm of psychic attraction, which is why you kiss your boss in a dream is quite common. Why? He or she could exhibit leadership qualities you would like to emulate within you.

A dream of you kissing someone becomes an omen that is powerful, usually urging you to look into the subconscious characteristics, behavior or abilities you observe in that specific person. Are they religious, spiritual or intelligent? Are they confident beautiful, confident or perhaps has a stunning style.

Kissing Someone With The Same Gender Dream?

Before you panic and start questioning your sexuality, fantasizing about having a kiss with the same person in your dreams is normal. In fact, it’s so common that no one bothers to find out the reason.

It is more likely that you will meet girls on the internet “I kissed a girl and I am a girl in my dream” more often than men will. We mentioned earlier that whomever you are kissing could be connected to a deeper relationship that you’re not aware of on.

In the words of Carl Jung he believed the psychic psyche is androgynous, which displays male and female counterparts, anima for males and animus for females. Both of these energy sources relate to our inner soul life,the spirit that drives us, is not our “soul” itself.

In essence, when you kiss someone of the opposite gender in your dreams, you are getting closer to the feminine or masculine counterpart within.

Dream Of Kissing Others In Dream?

The meaning behind a “kiss” alters depending if you or another person is in the dream kissing. It’s not unusual to imagine kissing your lover or might even see your spouse kissing another person.

Article: Why You Are Kissing Your Ex?

These dreams do not have anything to do with any kind of attraction or lust, instead, they are a reflection of something completely distinct. Why would you want to kiss your ex-partner? The dreams could hint at acceptance, memories that are buried or attachment, or as a way to end The kiss of death is meant to bring the end of something.

Imagine your partner’s kissing another person with many significance. Could it be a sign of jealousy or trust? Maybe you are worried about this happening. In addition, he or she could be paying the attention (communication) to another person and not to you, thus a metaphor in your vision.

Location Of The Kiss Dream

Dream symbols aren’t just an accident, their style is designed to be perfect to help you decode the meaning of dreams. This is the reason that a kiss on the forehead during your dreams is a symbol linking to your third eye person dreaming as a sign of awakening energies that reside in the the pineal gland of the 6th chakra. Third eye dreams.

The feeling of being romantically kissed in dream is a sign of communication and the awareness of the degree of insensitivity or sensitivity you are. The left hand could suggest some thing “leaving” or “left” while the right could be considered a more positive symbol.

The dream of being kissed on the lips is a good sign of the union of these two energies in the unconscious. This is the modern “communication” that is now conscious inside.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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