5 Tips on How to Fall Asleep Quickly

The most difficult things you can do in life is to get yourself to fall asleep. Sleeplessness is a common condition that is easily treatable with simple methods to relax your mind.

A study conducted by the University of Glasgow concluded that the reverse psychology approach to insomnia was more effective than other approaches. The participants were instructed to lie in bed and do to remain awake and to remain alert. Participants who were instructed to lay down were much more comfortable sleeping, as they reduced their sleep anxiety.

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Another approach was to employ positive imagery to replace negative thinking patterns, referred to as C.B.T. (cognitive behavior thinking). The fear of not sleeping all night, only to be replaced by thoughts of waking refreshed and happy.

Utilizing C.B.T throughout the day will also increase the chances that you sleep more comfortably. Reminding yourself that you’ll be able to sleep comfortably and wake refreshed as you lie on your bed can increase your chances of success.

Hide Your Clock

The constant glance at your clock causes anxiety when it comes to sleeping. The process of calculating the amount of time you’ll need to be up by morning can put more strain to your physical. Be sure to take off the clock and fix any sounds that let you know when it is.

Avoid Caffeine/Sugars/Alcohol

If you are suffering from insomnia, cutting down on your coffee consumption is essential. Caffeinated teas or coffee can keep you awake for long periods of time. Eliminating caffeine from your diet or cutting down on consumption will make you feel calmer and more peaceful. Beware of foods that contain sugar prior to bedtime.

Snakes that are late at night are typically filled with sugars, which give you an additional energy boost. Drinking water throughout out the day could be extremely beneficial to your body and mind. Alcohol can put you to sleep quicker or the reverse depending on the individual. We recommend that you stay away from alcohol when you are suffering with insomnia.

Keeping Your Room Cold

The body’s temperature plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s biological clock. That means that when we’re getting ready to go to bed, our body temperature decreases by a few notches. The room should be kept at 60-70 degrees aids in to put our bodies to sleep quicker. A cool, dark room can send a signal to the brain to produce the hormone melatonin that helps us go to sleep.

Tips For A Sound Sleep


The ability to focus during the day will aid in sleeping better and more quickly in the evening. While tossing and turning in our beds, we create stories in our heads. This leads us through a tunnel of thoughts, which can lead to many anxieties and worries.

Ten minutes of meditation every day has been shown to aid in sleeping better. Mindfulness can help us manage and manage our thoughts, so that we can be aware of what we are thinking about when we’re ready to fall asleep.


It is recommended to search for foods that are high in tryptophan. It is an amino acid that helps stimulate creation of serotonin which aids in relaxation. Consider chicken, turkey or tuna with dinner.

Complex carbohydrates aid in serotonin production, therefore, you can incorporate sweet potatoes or butternut squash can be incorporated can be incorporated into your meal to provide you with a good night’s sleep. Some recommend drinking a glass of raw milk prior to going to sleeping can help you sleep better. A2 dairy is suggested from sheep, goats, and A2 cattle.

Selecting foods that are rich in magnesium. It is known for its role as”the “relaxation” mineral. Incorporate green-leafy veggies as well as sunflower and sesame seeds, as well as oats in your diet. Include B-vitamins like organic meat liver, brewer’s yeast, and green leafy vegetables are rich in B-vitamins.


If you are unable to sleep or have trouble to fall asleep This hypnosis for insomnia session could aid. Concentrating on this sleep expert’s voice may help you relax to sleep.

Quick Tips:

  • Dip your face into cold water each time for 30 seconds
  • Wear socks at night
  • Clean your space and make sure you have clean sheets
  • Take a hot bath or shower prior to going to bed
  • Try to get moving for 10 minutes before returning to sleep.
  • Lavender’s scent to calm your nerves and ensures better sleep.
  • stretch your body prior to going to bed for 10 minutes
  • Drink tea with chamomile tea
  • Concentrating on breathing exercises
  • Moving rooms
  • Positive reassurance phrases “Its fine if you do not sleep, don’t stress its normal”
  • Avoid watching films that keep you awake
  • workout every day to eliminate any available energy
  • cutting out nap time during the day.
  • Do not eat large meals prior to going to bed
  • lower stress levels

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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