Dreaming of Toilet and Poop

It is possible to shut the door since we will be talking of toilets within this article. The idea of dreaming about toilets is symbolic , yet often overlooked images that symbolize those aspects that are negative of our personalities that we cannot let go of.

Remember that the purpose of a toilet is to eliminate the waste out of your system. This comprises of the remains of food items that are not stored in our bodies. Metaphorically speaking, this term “waste” may relate to any aspect of your life you are unable to let go or getting rid of. This is the reason why in our fantasies, the toilet is usually depicted as overflowing, stuffed with filthy and blocked.

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With the assistance of your feelings that you have expressed in your dream the location and the events that take place in the toilet can to bring your one step closer down this issue down the toilet at last.

Our fantasies could be the result from a desire to urinate, a fervent desire to be private, anger and frustration that is growing and self-consciousness. and fear of being watched and assessed.

Toilet Symbolism

  • the lack of ability to release
  • The accumulation from negative thinking, actions and impulses
  • the need to let go of certain parts of your past
  • Self-conscious or embarrassed
  • the need for privacy
  • Sewage

Toilet Dream Meaning

The state of the toilet can aid in determining how the dream intends to communicate to you. The toilet is a symbol in dreams which show the way you process emotions that are usually unconscious.

The dreamer can use locations to provide clues as to where the problem might be originating from. We typically use the bathroom within our home home therefore it is likely to be connected to our minds. If you are dreaming of having a bathroom located in your underground or in the underground space, you have entered the subconscious side of the person who is dreaming. The emotional aspect of the chakra of the root could be seeking release.

A dirty toilet could represent something related to the unattended nature of something in your home. There is something that needs to be cleaned literally. The toilet can imply delay.

The act of flushing your waste into the toilet can be a source of unneeded energy that has been eliminated from your body. It can be interpreted as an optimistic dream-like symbol. If you have noticed that a blocked toilet, it symbolizes obstacles and problems that remain within your own life.

Toilet Dream In Public

We often dream of having a bathroom with others in public. The snarky dreams may suggest you’re exposing something you are deeply buried in which you are unsure to. This could also indicate the need to keep your privacy in mind for private matters.

Sometimes, you might have while looking for an accessible washroom. They could be a sign of fear of holding something which could cause harm in the event that you don’t let it go.

If you have noticed that the overflowing toilet, it suggests the need to get grounded. It is a metaphor for something that’s blocked within your own life. It could be a root chakra issue or blocked energies within your life.

Dreams of urination are an expression of the inner nature of one. The need to go to the bathroom is the only thing that we cannot control over. The details and the emotions of the dream reflect the persona and concerns of the person dreaming. Carl Jung said, “Pressure of urine in dreams and also in the waking state is often an expression of some other pressure, for instance of fear, expectation, suppressed excitement, inability to speak, the need to express an unconscious content, etc.”

Poop Dream Meaning

Dream Human Feces:

The dreams of human feces could be a sign of an unresolved build-up that must be let go. Maybe you require longer to study the issue before letting it go.

The dreams could show your inability to tackle a issue that you face in life. If you were the one who threw up perhaps your dream reflects the desire for an immediate result from a circumstance.

Dream Poop On The Floor:

Sometimes we see pee on the floor during our dream. The unusual dreams are based on the setting that the dreams are taking place. What did you feel? What happened? If it’s an home, it could be connected to your psyche or mind. This could indicate past problems that remain unresolved within your mind. There is the need to clear these negative emotions.

Cleaning Poop Dream:

It could be that you are sorting out your mess, or perhaps others metaphorically. But these are good indications that you’re cleaning up your personal issues. These are a sign of toxic energy or leftover issues that weren’t dealt with before. The place where you’re clear could be linked to the place where the problems could originate from.

Overflowing Toilet Dream:

Toilets overflowing are typical dreams symbolism that draws your focus on negative events and situations, or personal energy that has become stuck. The water has backed up and is cannot flow through. It is a reminder not to hold on and stop holding the burden of things that have to be put aside. It could draw your focus to an embarrassing and incident that you have not managed to resolve.

Poop Everywhere Dream:

Poopy dreams everywhere put your attention to your mental state of mind. The poop is linked to the past, a situation that requires time to get rid of and issues that haven’t been resolved in the past.

Animal Poop Dream:

Based on the animal, it can reflect your inner feelings that may be hidden to the person dreaming. The dogs as well as cat are two species of animals that are able to connect with feminine and masculine aspects.

Baby Poop:

The sight of baby poop could be interpretable in a variety of different ways, and it’s more frequent than you imagine. Babies can be connected to a symbolic birth that took place within the body of your child within. This can be considered an affirmation of their positive qualities as it is a release from the process of change.

Pooping Worms:

A typical dream symbol that can be interpreted as a metaphor for the parasite in you which needs to be eliminated. It could be something that is occupying your body, mind and your soul. It’s been manifesting for many years, and is as a sign of looking inwards to cleanse your mind ( see worm dreams). Because worms in your dreams represent the smallest and weakest species in the food chain, they could mean that you’re letting go of the things that were once within you.

Poop In Hand Dream:

The thought of poop on the palm of your hand indicates that you need to be more aware of yourself. It could be that you are holding onto things that are not clean and it is it is time to tidy up your actions. They are a symbol of your social sociability, relationships and the way you view the world. Hands reflect the control and movement.

Eating Poop Dream:

As gruesome as this dream may sound, it isn’t uncommon to have dreams of eating the poop of a dog. What is the reason? The dreams could suggest that you are infusing toxic behavior that has been rejected by other people.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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