Top 7 Symbolic Dreams and Their Meanings

Millions of dreamers surf on the internet every day to discover the significance behind the symbols they see in their dreams.

Because the majority of dream symbols are oblivious to the average person, it can take months, weeks, or even years to fully comprehend the significance of your dream.

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It’s as if the unconscious is a large ocean which is communicating with us while we sit on the shore, waiting to discover what it is pulling in. It employs metaphorical symbolism to talk with us. an encoded language that is specifically designed for you to understand and all it needs is that you pay attention to it.

Every now and then it will deliver a message that is so powerful that it can’t be overlooked.

Top 10 Most Powerful Dream Symbols

# 1 Elephants

The Buddhist tradition of Buddhism the the elephant is usually associated to the Buddha himself, a physical symbol of endurance, strength, loyalty and wisdom.

If the elephant appears in your dreams, it is an indication of something sacred in your own soul that requires to be studied more thoroughly. What exactly is it? A symbol that urges you to concentrate on your own inner self, and to attain a higher level of consciousness Perhaps through meditation. This symbol needs to be secured and requires immense strength to protect.

#2 The Snake

What? What could this reptile with cold blood be beneficial? Snakes are a source of positive and negative elements in dreams. They are believed to be symbolize internal transformations, regeneration, and healing.

The negative reputation is rooted in our personal inability to understand our own instincts, behavior and feelings that manifest even when we’re not paying attention. Sometimes, it could be a threat however, when it comes up, it can be a sign of a significant change in your life.

The snake symbol can be seen in the medical fieldas it is a serpent-entwined staff also called The rod of Asclepius to heal. It could be a symbol of your power rising. Kundalini represents your vital force energy that has awakened.

# 3 Ladders

Ladders are known to represent both external and internal advancement within your own life. Ladders, similar to staircase, connects with two floors or stages in your life, and a gradual process of learning and virtue or attaining success.

Spiritual speaking ladders may be a metaphor for a bridge connecting humans to higher consciousness, as well as an unconsciously connected connection.

#4 Pregnancy

The pregnancies dreams typically do not have anything to do with pregnancy , but rather representing a new beginning in the life of you. The positive dreams of these symbols indicate that you are experiencing an internal transformation, or relationship, or reconnecting with your child within. Dreams of babies.

#5 Death

Who would have thought that death could be a great dream symbol. Actually, there’s no better way to express “transformation” than you dying in your dream. The old you is gone like a snake shed its skin.

Death is a symbol of the way you behave, your emotions, habits Integration, and even higher consciousness. Death-related dreams can be either awe-inspiring or terrifying in that you may imagine yourself sitting in your coffin, or even looking at your dead body.

#6 Butterflies

These magnificent insects are believed as one of the most powerful dream symbols you can be aware of as it signifies the possibility of internal transformation, or contact to the deceased.

Because butterflies undergo metamorphosis, which it is an evolutionary process that is physically developed following hatching, which results in an obvious and rapid transformation of the insect’s body structure due to cell differentiation and growth. This is an indication of what’s coming from within.

# 7 Deities

It could be Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammad or even the Virgin Mary at the time they appear, make sure that there is a significant shift taking place. The divine figures could appear with a strong white light or even rejoicing with you in various symbolic ways.

Perhaps this is the process of mystical awakening your inner awakening? According to Carl Jung might suggest that the appearances of these characters could be in conflict with the Self or God-image merging aspects of your consciousness awakening or becoming complete.

# 8 Mother Nature

Nature is communicating to us regular on a regular basis, but if you are not aware of it, you will see it as a dream.

Did you know that the Native Americans believed the wind connects us to the spirit. When we dream, this isn’t too far away. Wind is something that you can’t see, but you feel an incredibly powerful force that is able to come from the distance and is able to change your life.

What about the possibility of lightening, that strong God similar force which strikes as an “eureka” moment in our lives.

#9 Dolphins and Whales

These beautiful mammals serve as guardians and messengers from our unconscious. They are known for exploring the places you can’t perceive, which is a signifying that you should trust your intuition and discover the depths of the undiscovered part of yourself. They have been known to link to psychic abilities and the mysterious forces of nature that surround us. (see dolphin and whale dream meanings)

#10 Flying

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to become superman for the night can tell you about the exhilarating feeling of flying. Even if you only fly for a few seconds or minutes, nothing will be compared to the sensation.

The dream of flying is a symbol to break free from the limitations that you’ve encountered in the past. It is a way of allowing yourself to be completely free of anything hindering you. If you’re lucky, you could astral travel to another world.

Dreams of flying could also be symbolic, implying that you’ll be heading to a new place in your life very soon!

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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