5 Teas That Help You Sleep

5 Teas That Help You Sleep

#1. Chamomile Tea

The name Chamomile originates in the Greek word that translates to “ground apple.” It is even dated back to the time of ancient Egypt in which Chamomile tea was used for cold remedies. Modern research has discovered that this daisy-like plant is extremely beneficial in aiding sleep.

Chamomile tea is an excellent drink to keep in your fridge prior to bed because of its relaxing effects. It is among the most effective traditional remedies for treating insomnia, anxiety and reduce anxiety. Research conducted on rats showed that the extract of chamomile helped rodents who were disturbed by sleep to sleep better at night.

Many research studies suggest that chamomile tea functions as an chemical called a benzodiazepine. These are prescription medications that can decrease anxiety and promote sleep. Other advantages include lessening menstrual pain as well as treating common colds and decreasing blood sugar.

#2 Passion Flower Tea

This beautiful flowers has been utilized for hundreds of years to help improve sleep. Passionflower is believed to contain more than 500 species that treat everything from insomnia to anxiety. The moment they arrived in Peru, the Spanish came to Peru they called the flower “the passion” as it was a resemblance to the cross.

The Natives have also used this plant to treat ailments and sleep lack. Certain studies have proven that it can help with joint inflammation, epilepsy anger, depression and inflamed joints.

#3 Lemon Balm Tea

Since in the Middle Ages, sleep deprived people relied on this herb that calms them to ease anxiety, stress and even stomach indigestion. Lemon balm is part of the mint family and can be widely distributed throughout the world. Research has shown a 42% decrease in the symptoms of insomnia after the participants consumed the extract of 600 milligrams lemon balm every daily for 15 consecutive days. If you have a history of insomnia, drinking lemon balm tea prior to going to bed could aid in your sleep.

#4 Valerian Root Tea

Valerian tea is believed as a potent sleep aid in regards to relieving insomnia and getting a restful night. A study conducted by scientists on studies on the valerian root found that the tea has moderate ability to treat insomnia. Valerian tea is frequently recommended as a substitute for Melatonin, which is a hormone designed to helps you relax before sleeping. There are certain side effects, such as hallucinations and drowsiness.

#5 Lavender Tea

In the past, in Egypt the herb was utilized to scent incense and perfume as well as to aid in the process of mummification for the dead Pharaohs. It is however an excellent sleep aid and has a pleasant sweet scent. The soothing benefits of the lavender tea can aid in sleep and can be utilized to treat sleep disorders.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper