Dreaming of Tunnel

Tunnels are fascinating dream symbols, and some believe they connect the dreamer with their subconscious. My personal experience has shown me that the subway tunnel came to me as I went from one stage of my life, from one stage to the next. But this isn’t the situation for everybody.

As with all dream symbols, they are designed specifically to be used by the dreamer at the specific period of one’s life. The reason the tunnel is an incredibly symbolic image is the fact that it’s located beneath the earth, which connects two parts and has a lights at the end and is narrow.

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Because our dreams often make use of images as metaphors to relate to our lives , what could the tunnel’s meaning be?

  • Journey
  • Pathway or passage
  • From one phase to the next
  • Birth canal
  • Spiritual connection

Tunnel Dream Meaning

The tunnel could be directly connected to our subconscious mind – the repository of emotions thoughts, emotions, and memories that are out of our awareness. A picture that may suggest that you are entering into parts of your identity that are not completely understood, and is often connected to an experience from the past that isn’t fully connected to your mind.

Tunnels lack light , which is why they remain obscure and dark. As with many misunderstood emotions or emotions, tunnels help the dreamer to traverse the darkness in order to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

The tunnel could also be a part of your dreamscape as the link between your conscious and the unconscious. A vision that appears as you discover the truth about the person you are in the world – an entrance to the unconscious. Based on the circumstances of the dream, the tunnel may be the way to look into a traumatizing event that you have experienced in your life.

Tunnels Spiritual Meaning

Metaphysically speaking, what we could refer to as our spiritual or energy body could be linked to the picture that is the tunnel. Chakras in Sanskrit is a translation of “wheel” or “disk,” however it refers to the spiritual energy center in our body. The tunnel has the same shape as an energy that spins around seven wheels that vibrate within the body. The tunnel could be connected to the activation of one of the chakras that are located in the body.

Tunnel Dream: The Womb

Like similar to similar to the cave and underground passageway that takes you to a place that is not known or not explored. It is a symbol of the inexplicable nature of the unconscious, the search for inner the meaning of your life. The caves that are metaphorically like tunnels is a symbol that represent the birthplace of Mother Earth, the place of birth fertility, love and fertility. It could also be a symbol of phallic meaning or symbolize the vagina’s entry into the womb.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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