Dreaming of Water

Dreams of water can be thought of as the universal symbol for the subconscious mind, or what is beneath the surface. This powerful and popular dream symbol is a way to encourage you to discover the undiscovered deepest parts that lie beneath the mental mental state.

Dreams of water appear as a metaphor. The endless depths of the ocean could be different when you are in a boat or swimming in the pool. Examining the entire contents of the dream, including colors, locations, people, can help put the significance of the dream.

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The mysterious symbol is a reflection of the daily activities of your life and incorporates the symbolisms in your dreams in the same way. The symbol is powerful and has a positive or negative connotation, but it’s played out in your dreams.

The life symbol has numerous functions, including the ability to cleanse, the ability to destroy the body, and the capacity to submerge you and reflect.

Water Dream Meaning

When considering the subconscious mind, it’s beneficial to think of it as the deepest parts of an Iceberg. Below the surface is the reservoir of emotions thoughts, thoughts, impulses as well as memories not part of our awareness. The iceberg’s tip however is tiny when compared to the entire beneath the surface of the iceberg.

At the top, ocean, or sea shows what can only be seen conscious of; what lies below is the secret of the unconscious.

The emotions are always changing partly because emotions change, just as water changes constantly based on your mood. The ability or inability of you to comprehend the deepest part of your feelings will reflect the events that are taking place beneath the surface of the water.

The water that emerges from the deeps of the ocean is conscious when it comes to the surface with a purpose. Sea creatures that are symbolic like whale, or sharks are messengers from the unconscious , guiding you to secret knowledge. However, there is the crocodile is waiting penitently in the swamp, containing even some more terrifying information.

  • Fear – Rage
  • love – hate
  • jealousy – narcissism
  • Pride – guilt
  • Shame – vanity
  • resentment – bitterness

Common Water Dreams

  1. Home: Often times you may notice a leaky roof or that your entire home is inundated. The dreams will help you recognize the emotional turmoil that you are experiencing. It is believed that the house typically connects the dreamer with their mind/psyche.
  2. SwimmingDepends upon the setting of your dream. The ease and pleasure of swimming suggests positive energy, which allows you to take a break and relax.
  3. Dirty:Signs that indicate confusion as well as blurred conscious. It is necessary to unwind your mind and figure out what’s creating the confusion.
  4. Ocean:These dreaming experiences bring consciousness to the unconscious, the unknowable part of your feelings. You may be looking for answers the deep depths beneath that could be a bit scary or intriguing to you.
  5. Water & Fire: Two elements of the earth are merged in a single dream. Fire can be a symbol of the desire for passion, love destruction, transformation, cleansing, and enlightenment. But it also represents anger. Did the water extinguish the fire, or did the fire was able to take over? This could be a sign of an internal conflict.


A powerful force that is beyond your control. Tsunami-related dreams draw the attention of a disruption of the unconscious conscious. The unconscious erupted, and caused a flood of emotions to strike the surface with a smack. Uncontrolled emotions or emotions that were buried will be able to handle the pressure and is exploding. The dreams could be about the people around you, or even situations or even your own internal thoughts.


The river symbol is metaphorically translated to connect the dreamer with the body, mind and spirit. The river symbol is translated as metaphorically connecting the dreamer with the body, mind and the spirit. Rivers represent the connection between consciousness and emotions.

The water that flows is a result of the precipitation (rain) from an elevated elevation (consciousness) which then ends up being absorbed by the sea (unconsciousness). The middle path of thinking and emotions, as well as the development of your personal and social life all are a part of the river. The tranquility or swift movements of the water is reflected in your present mental state.

Floods and Rain Dreams

Floods are depicted as a metaphor. The idea of flooding could be connected to a variety of emotions that cover a large space. Uncontrollable forces have the ability to devastate towns, cities and even houses. The location of the house is a factor in determining the location where danger is triggered. The house is the primary focal point that reflects the mind/psyche. The flooding mirrors the aspects in your lives that you feel are chaotic, risky and overpowering in your life.

Rain is usually an expression of your pent-up emotions that are now let go to cleanse the old and bring life to everything around you. Hinting at renewal, devotion, love, rebirth, renewal compassion. It can also change meanings, indicating sadness, depression and other emotions that have been built up.


The feminine symbol is usually associated with fairy tales, fairy stories as well as dragons, monsters and the mystical power. It could also be the location in which there is birth and death; an era of transition in your life. Connected to the unconscious creative parts of your personality and also reflection mirrors of your own.

Ocean and Sea Dreams

The exploration of the depths of the undiscovered aspects of your character. The ocean is the beginning of your journey on Earth and is a symbol of infinity, formlessness and the chaos. It is the place where you can get lost in your life’s journey with its endless limits and unfathomable depths. Are you looking to explore or observe animals whizzing by.

The dreaming of your trip to the ocean is not the same as dreaming of the ocean. The sea’s depth isn’t like the ocean’s depth although it could be a clue that you can see something. If you’re on the shoreline or in the ocean, it will translate differently.

Waves and Waterfalls

The waves make it difficult to move along your journey. Emotions, feelings and thoughts that are not settled. The waves are a reminder to let things flow naturally.

Waterfalls can be extremely positive dream symbols that reflect nature’s method of allowing you be grounded and trust in life’s natural flow. The possibility of cleansing old energy and new beginning. It could be that you are having a new start in life.


They are positive dreams that represent that show you the renewed aura or energy. The bathing process is a way to wash away the old, negative parts of you or the people who surround you. If you’re taking bathing, it is a sign of need to relax and be aware of your emotions to help you become more clear.

Drinking Water or Boiling

The need to be fed by one of life’s essential elements. Acceptance of life’s challenges to body, mind and soul.

The fact that water is boiling indicates that your that your emotions are high and you have to release some steam. It is possible that you have reached the boiling point in your present situation. If you’re burned by the water, it indicates that you will be a victim if you let your emotions boil. your emotions.

Walking on Water & Drowning

The water’s reflection puts you in the highest state of your emotions , and you are in complete control. The dream you are drowning in is a reflection of your personal life such as emotions or thoughts that have taken over your. If you’re crossing the water on bridges, a bridge, it indicates a positive connection connecting two sides of your feelings.

Holy Water and Ship Wreck

The dream of holy water could suggest that you require spiritual cleansing. Whatever you place holy water on in your dream , you might wish to bless the specific object that has significance.

A shipwreck is a sign of whether you are stuck or not. If someone is available to assist you, it means they are there to help you through difficult times. If not, you’ll require help and a person to chat with.


The electricity can be a significant sign of the times that can be dangerous when you’re not be aware of the surroundings. If you get struck by electricity in water, it is a sign that you will be able to receive unexpected news you may not have anticipated. If you stay clear of the current, it could mean that you avoided an extremely dangerous circumstance.

Scuba Diving And Sewage

The positive symbol of your dream symbolizes the ability of you to get deeply into your feelings and discover what is undiscovered to you. You are drawn to exploring the deeper aspects of yourself.

The dream of the sludge is a way to connect the person dreaming with stagnant energy, emotions, and the shadow side. They are repressed or rejected aspects that require to be removed.

Clean:This is a positive dream symbol that demonstrates the clarity of your emotions and stability.

Brown/Murky: If you’re unable to clearly see, it could indicate emotional issues. Your thoughts could be influencing your feelings about the circumstances.

Dark Blue: The color that is dark, it suggests subconscious emotions that are intense and deep. The way you feel when in the water reveals how relaxed you feel with your emotional deepness.

Bloody or Red:This symbol suggest anger or love. It is a powerful color that reveals the inner thoughts of the person dreaming.

The Muddy The emotions you feel are heavy and you must get rid of the weight in your life.

Water & Religion:

  • The term “water” is often used in various metaphors in the Bible. It’s used to symbolize the difficult times that may happen to humans, and especially God’s children.
  • The Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu talked about how important water is. He stated “Water is soft, fluid, and yielding. However, water wears away the rock that is hard and will not give up. In general, anything that is soft, fluid, and yielding will prevail over what is hard and rigid. Another paradox is that What is soft can be strong.”.
  • Every river is sacred in Hinduism The Ganges River is particularly revered. According to the Vedic myths, the goddess Ganga came down on earth to cleanse as well as prepare dead. This is where you are regenerated by this amazing energy source.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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