Dreaming of Wedding Ring

Have you ever thought of the perfect wedding ring?

In our fantasies, the wedding ring can be an incredibly powerful symbol of the infinity of our inner completeness and love, friendships that are never ending or beginning and perfection.

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Rings are often seen as a dream symbol in many different ways, including gold, silver broken, a lost rings dirty, wedding or an engagement ring. The way or the thing that transpires to your ring you dream of changes the meaning completely. Most websites do not seem to grasp the significance of the ring, making you believe that something completely different.

Do you think this means that you are likely to meet the person you’ve always wanted to be with or perhaps a bad sign of death? Did you have any idea that rings are believed to be handed to us by the dead?

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Wedding Ring Dream Meaning

Why is the wedding ring you have in your fantasy so unique? The answer isn’t going to be as straightforward like you imagine. Why? because the design of the ring is an circle that is a complicated symbol that we dream about and connects to the dreamer’s inner world. This powerful loop is able to guide you toward Enlightenment, Transformation or Spiritual Rebirth.

Dreams communicate with us through a symbolic coded language that is awe-inspiring geometric forms that inspire us to take this uncharted route. Like an ear, snail or circle staircase guides you to the SPIRAL, or in the terms of dreams “the SELF”.

The famous circle image often utilizes tables, rings or earrings. It could even be the snake that eats its tail to inform you about the transformation that is that is taking place within your own life. Where exactly is it? Based on the details of the way that the ring appeared in your dream , it could give you some amazing clues.

What is a wedding ring symbolizing in the dream?

A marriage rings in your dreams symbolizes the union of two forces that are in conflict with each other within your own life. The concept that “marriage” is a metaphor that suggests a certain type of union is about to occur or is currently taking place or is currently in the process of.

  • forever life, infinite and unending
  • self-sufficiency – self-sufficiency
  • an unification of everything
  • spiritual awakening
  • new found love
  • Female and masculine energies
  • the commitment to one another, and symbolizes the respect, love, and loyalty
  • dream of getting engaged or meet your love of life

It’s not a bad thing, it’s possible that this dream could be a hint of the possibility of a new bond or relationship however, we need to first examine all options. If the ring is connected to the heart, it is believed that the vein connecting the fourth finger (i.e., the finger that is the ring) with the heart is known as the vena amoris . It could indicate the possibility of a new opening or relationship. The dream is believed to be realized the next day.

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The spiritual meaning of a wedding ring’s dream?

In the words of Carl Jung he believed that the psyche was an androgynous entity composed of female and masculine energies working toward a complete or unification. This was referred to as”the ANIMA (feminine within the male) as well as the Animus (masculine within the feminine) which each transcends the personal psyche.

Similar to similar to the Yin similar to the Yin and Yang symbol, or circle/ring it represents a union between two opposites which were previously in the dark. This is the reason why weddings in dreams are thought to be highly symbolic, since they suggest that the connection is set to occur. We continue to dream of the mysterious women and men in our dreams, who appear to be all connected towards the exact source. The CIRCLE.

The significance of the spiritual aspect of spotting rings in your dreams is a good sign of a potential significant coincidence that could occur within your own life. Be aware of what could happen in the near the future.

What is it that you dream of a gold ring? your dreams?

Did you know that the colour gold in our dreams is considered to be one among the strongest symbols connecting us to God? The dream of a wedding ring symbolizes masculine energy or sun connecting to inner renewal, illumination and power, wealth, and transformation.

The fact that ancient Egyptians associated the gold ring to divine beings, immortality, and immortality, and believed as the skin of goddesses and gods. If you’re receiving the golden ring in your dreams, it is a sign of reward or something that’s in the future. Dreaming of an imitation gold ring is a the masculine side of you and is not real, which is unconcious to you.

The thought of a wedding ring indicates a fresh unity of an opposing energy is taking place in your life. A gold wedding ring in your dream signifies the effort you put into it is going to pay off in an item that is valuable for your future. A broken or lost goldold ring in your vision could mean a setback or loss in your pursuit of your goals.

What is it that you dream of the Silver Ring in your vision?

The silver rings within our dreams represent the inner transformation, growth and wealth. It is a symbol of connection to the MOON, or feminine energy that guides us to the purity. The dreaming of a silver or gold ring is a combination of masculine and feminine qualities (see the yin and Yang or animus or anima) which creates peace and harmony in your daily life.

The dream of a silver diamond ring symbolizes the purity and perfection, as well as the knowledge of the invincible power of spirituality and commitment, loyalty and a promise between spouse and husband.

If the ring of silver is broken in your dreams, it signifies a loss of faith, aspects of your character, relationships or hopes for a successful conclusion in the particular field.

Biblical significance of the ring in dreams

The Biblical meaning of a rings in dreams is that they represent new opportunities as well as honor and power. Wedding bands aren’t explicitly found within the Bible In Genesis Abraham’s servant offered Rebekah an eye rings to declare her Isaac’s wife ( Genesis 24:22).

Do wedding dreams mean death?

Death can be a sign of change or rebirth within your own life. Weddings in dreams may symbolize the passing of the old parts of yourself to allow the new one to develop and prosper. Weddings, parties and events may be connected to what is known as the “middle way” between heaven and earth, the place where the dead meet the living.

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Are you dreaming of your getting married rings broken?

The dream of breaking wedding rings has more than one meaning. A couple may consider the ” broken ring” in a dream as a sign of something connected to their relationship which is damaged. Broken things can be repaired and the dream could suggest changing or altering some thing. In other cases, it could be that this as an image, endings, or maybe something inside the dreamer, which can hinder their own progress.

Imagine losing a wedding ring

The loss of a wedding ring or a ring from your vision represents something in your personal or professional life that are misplaced, damaged, lost or lost and must be found again. To find the wedding ring that was lost, that you conduct an introspection of your relationships or life.

What is it to receive an engagement ring in the midst of a dream?

If you have been given or receive a wedding ring in your dreams, it is an indication of a positive signifying the unification of two energy sources and events or happenings that are likely to occur. In the eyes of Jung the ring could represent a connection to your Self or your personal completeness that you are currently experiencing. The so-called “person” you are engaging could be an unconscious force which is fulfilling your life or connecting to a real connection to a new person.

Dream meaning of a wedding ring that is dirty

A wedding ring that is dirty is a sign of your subconscious traits and behaviors that need to be cleaned up. It could be related to your past and is preventing your personal fulfillment at the moment.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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