What Do Babies Dream Of

What Do Babies Dream Of

While it may not seem as if it does, newborns sleep for a total of 9 hours during daylight hours, and an average of 8 hours in the night.

Imagine that at just one week old, they can sleep for up to 16 hours per day. Even after 12 months the little babies are able to sleep around 13 hours a day.

If you believed that babies weren’t capable of dreaming, you’re completely wrong. They do not just sleep longer than average adults but they also dream more than us.

Why Do Babies Dream More Than Adults?

According to experts , sleep is vital for babies in order to recover their bodies and brains. Adults and babies have cycles of sleep in the late hours of the night but the sleep patterns of babies differ from adult sleep patterns.

In sleep, the brain of adults goes through five distinct stages. One of the phases is the rapid eye movements (REM) sleep, which is when dreams take place. Adults are able to spend between 10 and 25 percent of their night in REM sleep, whereas infants spend more than half of their sleep in REM.

Sleep cycles are generally more evenly split with infants alternating between REM as well as NREM sleep. In contrast, a newborn is more or less lasting for 50 minutes, ranging between light and deep sleep.

Research has shown that sleep can be just as important in the development of babies as the scattered flashes of consciousness that occur when their ears are open and their eyes are open.

Did You Know?

  • Sleep training is a newly developed trend that has no roots.
  • It’s not healthy to let your child cry on their own regardless of the situation.
  • In REM sleep the brain is nearly as active as in the daytime
  • A baby who sleeps on their backs is the most secure position for your baby to sleep in.

What Do Babies Dream About

It is possible to see the baby’s smile or twitching as they catch an afternoon nap. We’ll never know what they are thinking about since there isn’t a baby’s dream journal however, we know that they do dream.

As per the Dr. Alan Green a pediatrics expert TEDx author and speaker tells us what’s happening in their tiny minds. Greene is of the opinion the idea that “dreams help babies make sense of their experiences”.

Your baby’s mind is engaged in the womb, sensing and smelling to comprehend the world around. The same process continues through when your baby arrives, because everything becomes more vivid and thrilling.

Another sign of mood is the one that a person experiences when he or she awakes from a sleep. If they’re smiling from all the time smiling and laughing most likely had a great night’s sleep. But if they are crying and cranky, it could suggests otherwise.

Baby Nightmares

The most you would like your child to go through is an unimaginable nightmare. Parents can feel overwhelmed when they observe their child having trouble sleeping.

Night terrors are a common occurrence in children aged between 3 and 12 years old. They occur in the deep sleep cycles. According to WebMD, the intense moments typically include crying screaming, thrashing or screaming in anxiety in the night.

Experts believe that this happens in the beginning stages of development as the imagination of the child is active and mixed with the development of a sense anxiety. This is a normal part of development for children as we each have our own bad and good fantasies in our adult lives.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper