What Does the Tree of Life Mean?

Are you aware of what does”the” Tree of Life mean and symbolize?

Trees are among the most beautiful creations of God that symbolize tranquil beauty, and also offer stunning views of the landscape everywhere. Additionally, trees are an entire life cycle starting beginning the moment you plant seeds to the time you plant trees and produce the fruit.

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In many instances trees have been used as examples for explaining how to apply the Law of Karma as well. Today, we’ll be discussing The tree of Life, that has a distinct symbolism and significance in the world of spirituality.

What is the Tree of Life?

Tree of Life is symbol that is very well-known across various races and cultures. There are many meanings for this tree, according to the beliefs of each individual. However, the tree of life has its roots in the earliest times, when archaeological diggings took place in Turkey around the year 7000 B.C.

  • Since the time of its creation, this tree has been cultivated across numerous regions and has various meanings for different races. It is believed to be an ancient symbol of mythology by various different cultures.
  • For instance In Western Africa, a tree is called moringa Oleiferais is regarded as the tree of life, and is regarded as a wonder. This is due to the fact that the tree is a healthy food source on Earth which can treat malnutrition, and even AIDS.
  • But, some regions within the Caribbean and the Philippines believe that coconut is the tree of life. The people of these regions consider that the coconuts are lifesaver since different aspects of the tree can be utilized for shelter food, shelter, or other purpose during times of need. Therefore, all cultures have various trees as mythological figures.

What is”the” Tree of Life mean?

Tree of Life has different significance based on different cultures. However, a Tree of Life is generally used to symbolize the growth of a person’s self, unity and strength between people and the entire community.

There are many ancient myths which speak of The tree of Life which is a reference to the divine plans for the Universe. It is primarily about how humans are born on this planet and fulfill their destiny in this the world. Let’s look at what the meaning of the tree of life signifies in various shapes and shapes:

Connection to ancestors

As a tree, it has numerous branches, but is still connected with its root The tree of life symbolizes our relationship to our forefathers and family members.

It is an image that symbolizes the way families expand and grow as do branches of a tree. The Tree of Life is a comprehensive depiction of the legacy families leave to the next generation.

Universal connection

Trees are a gift from nature to humanity. In other words trees are also a symbol of our connection with our Universe. It reveals that all creatures in the universe are connected to one another.

Also that you’re never left by yourself. We’re all children of God that are connected in one form or another. Like the roots of a tree that get nutrients from the soil , and the leaves receive power from sunlight, we are all interdependent in some or another form.

Peace symbol

When you go to a spot that is surrounded by nature, it calms your soul by the lush greenery.

You are at peace and tranquil, as if you’re at your home. It is the Tree of Life represents the peace of nature through tranquility. It is a model to us to be calm even in the midst of storms. Like the tree, stop for a few seconds, take a breath and breathe in as it will also pass away.

Be unique

Every tree is unique in its form, shape and body. In their way trees are distinctive because of their unique branches’ form, structure, leaf shape and the fruit they bear. The tree of life teaches that we are unique and influences our personal growth throughout our life.

Sometimes, trees undergo strange changes, like branches breaking off or fruit disappearing. However, after a certain point the tree grows back and can even bear the fruits. So, different situations throughout our lives will provide us with unforgettable experiences that aid us in becoming better individuals.

Personal development

The seed is first and then it becomes a tiny plant which develops into the form of a tree. To grow into an actual tree, you need to supply the source with water and plenty of sunlight.

Life’s tree says that we are just tiny seeds that require understanding and wisdom to progress on our path. You’ve probably seen flowers blossom and then fade away like life had been taken away from the flowers.

Certain life events can drain the energy from us, causing us to wane. However, the experiences they have throughout their lives due to various situations can shape and encourage personal development.

Rebirth sign

You’ve probably noticed how trees change in the course of time like leaves falling off in the autumn , and new ones sprouting in the spring. Tree of Life is an indication of the rebirth.

Like the way that falling leaves off branches make the tree appear dead and cold in autumn and the vibrant spring flowers and leaves spring bring it to life, we too must be born again. We must get rid of the past and concentrate on the exciting things that will happen in our lives.

What does the symbolism of the tree of life symbolize?

Life’s tree symbolizes personal growth by encouraging the growth of individuals through various circumstances and inner beauty through focussing on our individual talents and the universal connection to all living beings on the planet. Like our trees need to extend our branches towards the sky as we become stronger and acquire more knowledge.

The Tree of Life in the Bible

  • Life-giving tree is mentioned in two books: Genesis as well as Revelation. The Book of Genesis, chapter 2 verse 9 says that God has made sure that various trees will grow from the earth and that some are beautiful while others bear sweet fruit.
  • However, in the middle of the Garden of Eden, God has planted in the Garden of Eden, the “Tree of Life”. The tree which carries the knowledge of both the good and evil. It is also the famous tree that is featured in the tale in the story of Adam as well as Eve.

The Tree of Life symbolism is used across different cultures

Native American Mythology

Native American people believed in the power of trees and believed that they revered different trees as living trees. In the past, Natchez people built mounds on Earth which is now known as Mississippi and believed that a huge cedar tree could be an intermediary between the realm of spirituality and the realm of the subterranean below the earth.

Another myth states that the people lived in the sky since Earth was composed of water. The tree was huge which connected skyline dwellers to the ocean floor beneath them.

Roman & Greek Cultures

The two cultures call”the tree of Life” the “World Tree”. The most famous Greek myths states that the time Lord Zeus got married to Gaia goddess of the Earth and a huge oak tree was created out of their union.

In a different story, Gaia plants an apple tree in Hera’s garden. It is an amazing and beautiful tree. The apple tree was an offering from the Goddess of Earth to her for the union she shares with Zeus. According to the mythology Hera’s apple tree is an all-world tree that binds an entire portion in the Universe. The apple tree that is mentioned here is like the tree of life found in The Garden of Eden.

Norse Mythology

Nordic people refer to this tree as the Viking Tree of Life or in the past, Nords called it Yggdrasil. The belief was that the tree was a result of an Well of Urd with a infinite pool of wisdom and immense cosmic energy. The branches and roots of the tree were believed to have the ability to unite the nine cosmos.

Odin The King of the Norse Gods, wanted to acquire the most powerful knowledge that was stored within the Yggdrasil tree. He hung himself from the tree for the next nine days, and was close to the end of his life. After enduring the difficult conditions, Odin gained the Universal wisdom that made him smart and wise.

At the end of the day you’re now conscious of what the tree of life is and how it affects your life based on the beliefs you hold. It is this one that influences your life the most, regardless of the situation.

This is the reason the tree of life is often symbolized by the growth and wisdom, since they are the most important elements of life. So, you should be like a tree. Stand tall, resilient, remain steady and learn while you travel your journey.

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Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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