Are You Dreaming About Your Ex?

Why am I constantly thinking of my former lover? It’s a spiritual message? Let’s discover!

Love is an amazing thing.

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While it isn’t always pleasant sometimes, it’s nonetheless worth every emotional effort that is put into. It is often to break up particularly when you feel a strong affection for someone.

There will be moments where your mind is occupied with fantasies over your former partner in all the ways that are possible. It’s normal to think about your ex every once in a time. While there may be an explanation that is psychological, there can also be a deeper mystery to the things you think regarding your former partner.

I’ve realized that the universe has the ability to speak to us via various means and media. If they are able to use inanimate objects to communicate with us and our dreams, then they can be a reliable tool for communication. The idea of dreaming about your ex can be an effective way to communicate because it has lots to do with your emotions. The type of dream you have is very personal and can be very clear to you.

In this article, I’m going explain the motive for the dreams you’ve had about your former partner. It is a message from the universe to you regarding your ex. Sometimes it could be connected with your previous life. Whatever the reason, this article will explain everything in great in depth.

Why do I continue to dream about my ex? The spiritual significance

There are eight different kinds of dreams that you could have regarding your ex. Each dream have different meanings spiritually that are connected to your life, particularly your relationship with your partner.

Based on my experiences with these dreaming, the universe can speak to you about the love you have with someone or regarding different aspects in your lives.

Let’s explore this more deeply.

1.) Imagine your ex-partner calling you.

This is one of the rarest dreams you will have about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. The dream may have nothing to do to your former partner. It could have a lot to relate to the past that you hold onto.

There’s something in your past that is haunting you. There’s a mistake from your past that shows on your mind every when you are looking to make a big step that could lead to the opportunity to make progress. It has been happening continuously and has been troubling you.

The universe has used your dream to send you an invitation to let go of the past. Your past must be preserved within the present.

Whatever your mistakes from the past It’s time to get rid of everything and get on with your life.

Your ex is part of your past and if you realize that you’re having nightmares about your former lover calling you then it’s a sign you’ve put yourself in the position that your past could easily haunt you and prevent your progress.

This must be stopped.

The growth you’ll experience will be from letting the past go. Let go of all that is in your past. Begin to look forward to a brand new beginning and tackle everything that comes your way with confidence.

So, before you start to contemplate reconciliation with your partner, you need to be aware that the idea you had wasn’t about your relationship.

It’s about the mistakes you made in your past and how you let them hinder you in your journey to a new life.

If you are looking to achieve your goals, you must stop allowing your past from reliving it. Let your mind open towards new opportunities and start with a fresh start. When you open your mind to a new beginning the universe will provide you with the strength and assistance.

2.) Imagine your ex-boyfriend wishing you back

This is intended for females. If you’ve had a vision about your ex-boyfriend wanting to get to see you again, then this is the universe trying to aid you heal.

Most of the time, you’ll be able to dream about such things when you have just broken up with your partner. These dreams will come to you within a couple of months following the break-up.

If this occurs, it is because your body isn’t healing in the way you would like to.

You’re feeling depressed and hurt by what transpired within your relationship. The hurt has resulted in feelings of guilt and awful.

Additionally, you may have been verbally assaulted by your ex-boyfriend prior to the breakup, and this persists with you ever since. The universe is here to assist you in achieving this vision.

The universe is trying to prove your superior person in the relationship , and this is the reason why your ex-boyfriend wanting to return. This is to help you heal. This will remove all the guilt you’ve been feeling and to eliminate the fear of a new relationship.

The universe has revealed the dream in order to prove that it wasn’t your fault, and you have nothing to lose.

When you wake up from the vision, it will leave you filled with strength and an optimistic mindset to open up the heart and love fully that you are important and have a healthy heart. This dream will help you recover from the trauma of the breakup you had in the past.

3.) Imagine a time in your previous love that kissed you

If you are having such a dream, it’s an indication that your separation is mutual. It is a indication that what transpired within your relationship wasn’t forced.

There’s nothing you could have done differently. Get rid of any bitterness within your heart towards your former partner. There is nothing to hang onto. Allow forgiveness to adorn your heart. The dream you have in mind will never come true physically.

This is among the scenarios you can imagine when you’re having trouble recovering. I know that dealing with a breakup isn’t easy. I’ve been through this many times and know what thoughts go through your head when you are going through this.

So, when you experience dreams it’s a aspect of healing that you must undergo. The dream can help you forgive yourself and your former partner.

It also gives you the confidence to continue forward in your life and seek out love elsewhere. If you imagine the kiss of your lover, then it’s a sign your breakup wasn’t mutual.

A different meaning for this kind of dream could be linked to a desire that is not fulfilled. The dream of kissing your ex can cause you to awake with the desire to experience the same experience. It’s like being disappointed by a desire that isn’t fulfilled.

So, whenever you think of your lover kissing you the universe is showing the secrets that lie hidden in your heart. Perhaps you’ve been feeling down recently, but you don’t know the reason. It happens when you have a dream that you haven’t been able to fulfill. Dreams are a sign of this.

4.) Love with your ex

It is what people refer to as wet dreams. If you notice yourself dreaming about these things, then it is an indication that you are looking for your partner..

You’re missing the most exciting part of your relationship. Being able to have a sex session with your partner in a dream can be like being in real life. Your heart is aching to have this experience, however the most effective method to experience it is to dream about it. Most times, our heart fantasizes about our deepest desires.

It’s the same as fantasizing about riding a flying car. It is something you want however it’s far from reality since it is not possible to achieve.

The best way to enjoy it is to live your fantasy. If you are dreaming of falling in the love of your ex it’s an indication that you are missing the past and desire it back so much. It could be the case for your former partner.

Don’t look for your ex or beg for love.

Just move forward in your life and let your heart open to love someone else. Maybe, you’ll be able to relax much more when you are with the person you love.

5) Your ex-partner is with another person

It’s a difficult to achieve. I’ve spoken to people who cry as they process the thought of it. Particularly if the person you lost were someone that you loved so deeply.

There will occur a brief moment pain as you awake. But, don’t let yourself dwell on the issue for too the duration of.

If you dream of seeing your ex-partner with another in your dreams, it is a indication that you’ve truly apologized to your ex for what the incident was and have let go of the past from your heart and decided to go forward.

It’s a sign you’ve made peace with yourself and have truly forgiven your ex. In your mind, you have let go of your ex. However, you might still feel a connection with the person.

This is the reason you’ll be a bit hurt when you awake from a nightmare. There’s nothing wrong with how you feel after having an image.

In such moments it is only possible to trust the power that is the Universe to help us through the turmoil.

That’s what I tell people who talk to me whenever they dream of such things. If you’ve thought about it do not take it incorrectly.

Of the numerous people I’ve spoken with about my dream I’ve witnessed the anger they have against their ex-partner because they believed that their ex had been cheating on them.

This is an incorrect perception. It is not to have to do with your ex-partner and has everything to be about your heart.

6) Your ex-partner is asking you to return

This is an ideal dream to give you a feeling of satisfaction. It is a way to feel valued and important after waking up from a nightmare.

I’ve had my share of experiences with this. The next day, you will feel as if you’ve won a fight. But, the interpretation of the dream is different from your feelings regarding the experience.

If you have a dream of your ex-love wanting to see you again, it has a significant connection to your. The universe is trying to show you what your desires are.

You are missing your ex-partner and want to welcome him to return to your life. But, once you’re satisfied because of your dream The next thing you need to do is reflect about the significance.

The significance of this dream is to dispel the emotion. If you experience this kind of dream, then it’s a sign that you and your ex can’t be reunited.

It is possible to begin to argue against this since you have seen an opposite interpretation. This happens often. The universe communicates with us through shadows from time to time and it requires a keen eye to discern the messages.

It took a while for me to accept the reality however, I eventually had to. I didn’t get back together with my ex-partner after the dream.

It took me a while before I accepted the fact and accept it, I needed to build the courage to face my fears and move forward. I am content and happy today. So, if you’ve got this kind of dream, convert the energy you feel at the moment into the energy to continue moving forward.

7) You can marry your ex-husband

This is a good thing. If you are imagining getting back together with your ex-husband and then eventually getting married, this is an indication that you are likely to be back with your ex-husband.

This is a good thing.

The universe has given those desires that you have always had. You’ll meet your former husband again and then get married.

The breakup occurred because there was a lesson that you must learn. After the lesson is over, it is time to reunite and build a strong relationship.

Additionally If you are thinking of getting married to your ex-husband it’s a sign your ex-husband is not in search of another partner.

So, the likelihood of reuniting is very high. The fate of fate will bring you back together and your passion will be renewed. It’s a positive indication and you should feel happy about it.

8.) Doing fantasies about reuniting with your ex

If you’ve had an idea, it is an indication that you’re struggling to move forward. It is okay to feel this way, particularly if you’ve made your plans for your entire life around the person that you see in the photo.

If you’ve had a similar dream it is because the universe is telling you that you’re struggling to let go or accept that you’re no longer in a relationship.

This desire could be hidden in malice or annoyance. It might not be difficult to acknowledge this.

If you do have this desire the universe will show you the desire in your soul. It is time to get moving.

If you don’t change your ways, it will affect the other areas of your life..

You’ll lose focus while working, and you will have difficulty to connect with your colleagues and you’ll become socially unpopular.

The universe has revealed this vision to inspire you to continue your journey. The incident was not completely your responsibility. So, accept it as such accept the blame, apologize and continue to your next chapter of life.

Biblical significance of the dreaming of your ex

  1. If you are imagining your ex-partner, God is telling you that you need to become self-sufficient. You must stop relying on others around you to enjoy a fulfilling life. God is telling you that the most effective way for you to live a fulfilling life is to be able to rely on you and on him (God).
  1. God is instructing you to take lessons from your past errors. Your past is the best teacher since it lets you take lessons from the mistakes you made. When you think about your ex-partner, it’s an opportunity to reflect about your mistakes from the past. This will help you avoid making the same mistakes. Certain patterns that we encounter in our lives will repeat themselves if we don’t manage to take lessons from our mistakes. The best way to stop this from occurring is to learn from our mistakes. In the Bible when you think about your ex-partner, God is telling you to learn from your previous error.
  1. You must change your current self to become be a better person. If you dream of your ex-partner in a dream, God is encouraging you to change your character. Get rid of any negative habit and adopt an optimistic attitude and attitude towards life. If you change your attitude and embracing a positive attitude, you can open the door to many possibilities that can change your life in a way you never imagined.
  1. God is telling you to not be afraid of the loss of your relationships. When you are experiencing issues in your relationship at present there is a little nagging fear about losing your current relationship, just like you did with the one before. If you do have such a desire, God is telling you not to be afraid of the loss of your relationships. Eliminate any anxiety about the loss of your friendship. Your current relationship is more successful than the one you had before. So, you can be expecting more out of your relationships.

If I have dreams about my ex-love is it because that he isn’t happy?

It’s not accurate. It is contingent on the kind of dream you’re experiencing regarding your ex. When you dream about your ex, it could refer to different things:

  • It could be that your desires playing. You are missing your ex, and the wonderful times you had with him, and you wish to get to get it back. This is among the reasons you fantasize of your former partner.
  • Your ex-partner is missing you and is looking forward to seeing you again. It’s difficult to know for sure. This is why it’s not often an option. But, do not rule it out. The thought of your ex could be an indication that he is missing you.

There are two most important reasons to dream of your former partner. In most cases it’s more about you, not your ex. This is the reason why you must be focused on yourself whenever you are having such goals.

A nighttime dream about an ex-years later: spiritual meaning

If you experience a vision, it is a indication that the manner in which you ended your relationship was not a pleasant one. So, you and your partner are finding it difficult to accept the fact that your relationship is over.

If you’ve ever had an idea, it’s a sign your ex-partner is missing you and is trying to get back what they lost in the relationship. It’s not related to do with rekindling your relationship in the love. It could be a matter of reconciliation.

How do you stop fantasizing of your former lover?

  1. Find peace with yourself about the relationship that has broken down. Even if it is your fault, it’s acceptable to accept your apology and get over it.
  1. Take time to be with yourself. This will allow you to be more grateful for yourself. Being alone can help you realize how valuable you are.
  1. Learn to use positive affirmations. Say positive affirmations about forgiveness, moving forward, and self-love. This will allow you to recover quickly and get forward with your life.
  1. You must forgive your ex-partner for all the things they has done to you. It’s okay to be wounded, but you must to be able to forgive in order to gain the courage to move on and move on with your life.
  1. Give the process time. Don’t rush through the process. As time passes, you’ll not be thinking of your former partner.

Final words

It’s not unusual to experience such dreams. So, if you are having a think about your ex do not dwell on your feelings think about what it means and take action when you need to.

Accept the situation and continue with your life , believing that you will be able to be able to find love again. Additionally If the reason for your dream isn’t related to love, then you need follow the advice in the vision.

Do you have an idea of what it means when you think about your ex? If you have any concerns, please post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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