Dreaming of Weight

Weight Dream Meaning

The idea of dreaming about your weight is a common symbol that can leave the person who dreams confused in the following morning. Although our dreams could hint at something that we aren’t be self-conscious about in our daily lives.

Did you know that according to WHO there are more than 1.9 billion adults who are 18 or older have been identified as obese. Within this group, 65 million people are overweight. This is probably the reason we tend to weigh ourselves when we dream. The feelings we have about ourselves are often buried and show up in our dreams, however, sometimes they are been a result of something that isn’t clear to us.

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Dreams can deliver us strange messages encoded in a metaphorical labyrinth for us to unravel. What do you think “fat dreams” have anything to do with the risks of weight gain? Could this be a sign of the dangers of poor health that could lead to the death of a person?

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Fat Dream Meaning

Let’s get the first question answered. Are you overweight? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Sometimes, dreams are explicit to the point that they challenge your fears. This could be a sign that you should get onto the treadmill again to shed a few pounds.

Although this may happen for everyone, many people who aren’t overweight dream of gaining the most exuberant amount of pounds.

The idea of losing weight isn’t necessarily a good sign since the term “fat” tends to have an image of stigma. If your dream is addressing you in a metaphorical way, it could have nothing to do with have to do with weight, but instead being absorbed, taking on or consuming internally some thing that’s not healthy for you.

What could it be? The surroundings and the people in your dream could be clues that could draw your focus to your workplaces, relationships or your unconscious thoughts about digesting more than you are capable of managing.

Obese Dream Meaning

It’s not unusual to imagine another person being overweight. Could this person you are not aware of be an image of your own “shadow” – unconscious behaviors and desires you’re not aware of.

Additionally, if you have an image of yourself as skinny, it could mean one of two possibilities. If you’re overweight, it could be a wishful desireor a desire to get rid of negative energy, negative attachments, and other things that can slow your progress in life.

The image of a scale can be decoded metaphorically by the number that appears. The specific number that you observed on the scale represents to you, as are the emotions that are expressed. Did you feel content or angry? It could be that it indicates that you are judging yourself, or a need to conduct a self-examination.

Dreaming of Weight Gain

The way that weight manifests in our dreams is more subtle than you imagine. For instance, if weight gain is bad for your heart, it could indicate previous relationships that have caused blocks from the repressed pain. The weight gain in your dreams is a negative signification of eating items that are harmful to your health. It doesn’t mean eating food (sometimes it can) instead, it’s a matter of connecting to your body mind connection, absorbing thoughts inside your head that make you feel heavier.

  • diabetes.
  • High blood pressure.
  • strokes and heart disease.
  • feeling ugly
  • Fatal liver disease.
  • kidney disease.

Are you thinking about losing weight?

The loss of weight in your dreams is a good sign that you are that you are losing the negative energy or harmful items from your past. It is a sign that you are losing something negative within yourself that you were displaying your friends and family. However, the thought of losing weight could actually be a sign that you can achieve your goals.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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