Will Short People Go to Heaven?

Will Short People Go to Heaven?

The majority of religions view dwarfism and other imperfections as punishments from God for past wrongs. Therefore, the majority of people adhere to the belief that those with such deformities are not going to heaven, but instead go through purgatory. However, there is evidence in the Bible which proves otherwise!

There are many myths about the requirements for height to be in heaven. Although some people believe in them with conviction but for the majority they are just a bunch of nonsense. What do the Scriptures tell us about who will be in the heavens or to hell? Are noble acts in the past bless those who have a high standing?

Since the time of Moses People have noticed dwarfism as a flaw. A passage in the Bible states that humans are born dwarfs to be punished for their transgressions.

Refrain from sin in order to be admitted into heaven. Let’s look at the various beliefs and myths about the short and the heavens:

What is the Bible have to say about people who are short?

Certain passages of the Bible depict people who are short in a positive light, however others don’t portray them in a positive light. It equates dwarfs to those with imperfections such as itching, scabs, or eye blemishes. There are also passages that explain how God does not make distinctions between people based on their appearance or stature.

Leviticus 21:20

In this passage the short or dwarf man is smacked by those suffering from eczema, the hunchback, as well as those who have a broken hand or foot. The Bible declares them to be broken or defective.

The Bible also states that infirm people are not able to offer the Lord’s fire offerings.They are also not able to offer food offerings for their God.

Luke 19:3

In the second place, it refers to a man named Zaccheus that was wealthy principal tax collector. The man was small in stature and was unable to be able to see Jesus due to the large crowd and his size.

So, he runs ahead and climbs up a Sycamore tree until Jesus Christ pass that way.

The devotion of Zaccheus has earned him a special spot in the hearts of Jesus. This also raised the status of people who were short in the eye of God, seeing their devotion to His son.

Samuel 16:7

The verse states that the Lord tells Samuel that He doesn’t judge people because of their appearance. Their appearance, or height is not important to Him.

It is all about what is inside their minds. Therefore, people who are short can be content in the knowledge that God knows your thoughts and heart and not your size.

Romans 8:38-39

In this passage, God proclaims his impartiality in his creation. He states that nothing will stand between God and the love of His creation for Him..

Things such as height, depth rulers, life, death or angels are nothing before this love. This is what makes love so powerful between God as well as His work.

Many of these verses in the Bible praises people who are small for their actions and heart. They won’t be excluded from heaven due to their size. God considers all people, whether women, men, animals or even nature, equally. Your actions in this lifetime define you.

Are people who are short going to heaven?

The majority of religious texts don’t treat people who are short in any way. They are guaranteed a place in heaven. It all is contingent on the actions they have taken in their present life. People who perform good, selfless actions will be rewarded with a spot on the heavenly realm.

Sins and misdeeds:

The Bible is extremely strict in regards to the sins that people commit. These people, regardless of whether they’re tall or short, will go to hell. Anyone who commits murder, adultery, or greed or any of the seven grave and grave sins as defined in the Bible will go to hell’s depths.


At first, dwarfism was thought to be an indication of sin and unworthy according to the book of Leviticus. However, Jesus eventually brought the dwarfs back to the Christian family, as mentioned in the Gospel of Luke.

The wisdom and stature of a person:

Jesus repeatedly explains throughout the Bible that the worth of a person is determined by the quality of his intelligence. His worth is the measure of his standing in the world, not the height of his body. People with exceptional wisdom, understanding, and kind acts are guaranteed entry into heaven..

Who is not going to heaven, according in the Bible?

The Bible states the Bible says that there’s eight types of people who cannot be able to go to heaven. They are all categorized in accordance with the crimes they have committed. There are those who are not faithful or who cheat, lie, and commit murder.

1) The Murderers

Sure, actual murderers are obviously included in this group. The taking of another’s life is, in the end an insinuation of a grave crime. However, Jesus is also saying that if there is hatred in a person’s heart towards another. The person could be murderer.

The speaker was speaking about killing the inside of your heart. This is for who wish that someone was dead. It is similar to the act of murder. These people won’t go to heaven.

2) The Fearful & Unbelievers

The most fearful people are those who are scared of being a voice for themselves and Jesus. They won’t be able to defend Jesus against their coworkers and acquaintances, or even against the world. They are concerned about what other people consider their opinions of them.

They are easily distracted by the significance of what Jesus is to them. They’ve forgotten the sacrifices made by Jesus.

There are also people who ridicule Jesus and his doctrines. These are those who do not believe that Jesus is the author of the Bible and mock the cross as well as other Christian practices.

They are not completely devoted to Jesus in their heartsand therefore will not gain admission into heaven. The Bible states that those who are not believers are believed to be sent to hell.

3) The Abominable

This includes those who engage in sexually perverted acts. There are many who are extremely lustful and constantly seek pleasure. They are not able to ascend to heaven.

The Bible warns against making use of God’s gift of sexuality to commit sinful acts.

This includes acts such as child molestation, homosexuality, as well as pornography.

The things that defy human society in general are savagely condemned in the Bible. People who commit these crimes must repent of their actions, apologize, and give their lives to Jesus for the privilege of going to heaven.

4) The Sorcerers

In this instance, it means people who are involved in black magic or worship of demons. God will send them directly to Hell.

There are a lot of people today who offer bargains and sacrifices to the Devil to gain recognition, money, and the success they seek. The followers of New Age movements, such like occult worship and spiritism are also component of the movement.

The Bible declares that they are the people who follow Satan the Devil as well as warns them against their actions. Therefore, they are the ones who be followers of their Devil to the Lake of Fire. The Devil is there, and his followers will follow. These people are believed to have disobeyed God.

5) The Liars

Today, lying is like an everyday thing for the majority of individuals. Some are even expert at lying. The Bible however, does not take lying very seriously! Jesus states that those who lie are not allowed entry into heaven. White lies to protect people or help someone else are not subject to this.

A lot of churchgoers attend mass often or pay tithe. However, in their private lives, they’re not always honest.

They can even earn a living from lying and cheating. The Bible warns people that they will be burned in Hellfire. It is the Bible encourages the integrity of its adherents.

Are you able to get through hell and into heaven?

Like people who are rewarded in heaven for their goodness. People who commit infractions are sent to hell.

Many have asked, is it possible for me to be able to ascend into heaven when that I’m in Hell? Is God ever be able to forgive me for my transgressions?

The question of hell and heaven has been a source of concern for people since the period that of Gilgamesh.

Many people believe that when God decides to there is a possibility that someone will be reincarnated from hell into heaven.

It also depends on whether people repent of their transgressions.

Do they regret the actions they’ve taken?

If people truly changed to improve their lives, God will invite them back to heaven. Therefore it is the case that the Bible states that on earth, all people have to repent of their sins and return to Jesus. They will be guaranteed the right to enter heaven after death.

The concept also includes the notion of a final judgement. In this case, God calls all people to Heaven as well as Hell and weighs their good and bad deeds as well as their sins. After weighing each person’s life and their actions, they are able to show their repentance and be sent to heaven.

Even those who have performed one good deed could have it surpass their transgressions.

I’m short. Should I be concerned about it?

There is no place found in the Bible or any other scripture of the religion which says that people who are short should be concerned;at least , not due to their height.

God loves all people in a way that is selfless and unconditionally. According to Samuel 16:7. God doesn’t reject individuals because of their size or appearance. The Lord does not look at people the way they look at one another. He just looks at their hearts.

As long as you’re a decent person who is doing good there is nothing to worry about.

Don’t also listen to those who slander you by quoting particular passages from the Bible such as Leviticus to make you feel down. Jesus has even brought people who suffer from dwarfism back to Christianity.

It is evident in this modification in a variety of new passages of the New Testament.

There are other passages that affirm Jesus Christ’s love for small people as well as dwarfs. According to Romans 8:39 states that there is nothing on earth that could hinder us from the unconditional love of God.

No angels, rulers or even death neither heights nor depths could be in the way of such devotion and love. Even if you’re small, don’t be discouraged. Do your best and be a good person. You’ll surely be in heaven.

Final Words

A lot people who’re smaller than average, or even dwarfs are afraid of not getting to heaven. Our height could be an obstacle or a flaw that we are imposed on due to past sins.

However, none of it is the truth.

Although there are a couple of verses that label short people sinners There are many other verses which challenge this idea.

According to the Bible, Jesus says that anyone who has love in their hearts and do positive actions in their lives will definitely go to heaven. The height of their bodies is not a factor. The Lord treats all people equally.

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