Dreaming of Wind

The dream of wind is thought to be as a symbol dream that connects us to our intellect. Wind draws your attention to a sudden shift that can be unexpected and then disappear quickly. The mysterious force that has never been explained been bringing you to your senses for reasons, and the immediate change could be external or internal, either conscious or subconscious. Wind manifests as both psychological and spiritual forces.

Wind Symbolism

guardian angels together
  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Cleansing
  • Displacement
  • Independence

Wind Dreams: Unknown Force

The mysterious wind’s presence appears at a time you don’t expect it. The unobserved force that can’t be tracked is what makes this symbol beyond our reach. The unpredictable nature of the wind flow can turn into a an extremely powerful or violent force. Most often, it is connected with storms as well as tornadoes which can create destruction to your life.

  • Air
  • Breath
  • Elusive
  • Transient
  • The mind or the spirit
  • News, message or idea
  • Change

Wind Dreams True Meaning

Wind or air is typically considered to be among the 4 fundamental elements that are believed to be vital to sustain the existence of life. It is comprised by the elements of fire, water air, earth, and fire These elements are the primary components of the physical universe. Since we are physical being that exists in the physical realm air is the thing we breathe, thus connecting it to’spirit’, or the ‘life force’.

The wind is a messenger to the gods The elusive and transitory nature suggests that you could be in the presence of God. The wind is all around us and at all times, but it’s not visible apart from its manifestations which means that we are connected to the divine spirit.

The bible passage in John 3:8 is a reference to the wind. “The wind is able to blow wherever it wants. Its sound is heard, but it isn’t clear the source of its sound or where it’s going. This is the case with all born into”the Spirit”.

Wind is also a metaphor to breathe, exhaling while we contemplate. Concentrating your attention on the breath is a way to connect your body, mind and your soul. Breath is an invisibly force inside that regulates the monkey mind. An exhale that is powerful can remove or purify negative energy from the body.

Strong Wind Dream Meaning

Sometimes, the wind appears to be extremely powerful when we dream. The natural invisible force draws your focus to your spiritual, physical, mental and Etheric energies that have risen . The more powerful the force is connected to the place where “consciousness” or “higher awareness” is located within.

The power, strength and speed of the wind are out of your control. The source is not known to the dreamer will be confronted with an intense energy. Your response to wind is a reflection of your vulnerability or sensitivity to this issue.

  • Surrender
  • Comply
  • Stuck or paralyzed
  • Hiding
  • Shelter
  • Scared
  • Excited
  • Remaining attached to something

The term “wind” is usually associated with energy that is strong, with the potential to develop as a tornado or hurricane. It is often viewed as a negative sign of the times, it is actually an unpredictable and fast-moving force that can destroy anything that is in its path. However, it is able to alter the air’s temperature when it is timed to build.

Wind Dreams: Gods Voice

The wind appears as a metaphor for the movement or change that is that is coming toward you. The meaning of the wind’s force can be analyzed using its strength as well as its gentleness. The passage I Kings 19:11-12 in the Bible, the “gentle breeze” or “a calm breeze” is the way to communicate with God is portrayed through the wind.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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