Dreaming of Wizard

Wizard Dream Meaning

Wizards are appearing in more dreams than ever before, likely due to the popularity of popular films like Harry Potter or the Wizard of Oz. Although they aren’t only a modern-day dream-like symbol like phones or cars however, it is something that goes all the way as ancient Greece.

Wizards or magicians are commonly characters in fantasy literature and role-playing gamesthat are that have a rich historical background in mythology and legends, as well as fiction and folklore. The images of these unique characters can transform in our dreams to be symbolisms that represent the wisdom and good judgement. They are visible at specific moments in our lives that we are going through a personal change – they possess the ability to create things that appear from out of the blue.

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Like the main character wizard Gandalf In Harry Potter he has the ability to be extremely powerful, however, he is mostly able to work by persuading and encouraging. Wizards are an age archetype with the capacity to appear as priest, sage, grandfathers, gurus, or even old men in your dreams. Most of the time, the wise old man or wizard hands you the message that is coded in a metaphorical way.

Wizard Dream Meaning

The wizard could be sent to you by your higher power or message from your unconscious as an instruction to show you the correct way.

Similar to the concept of what Carl Jung called the “wise old man” the magician or wizard represents the wise and kind older father figure who utilizes personal experience of the world and people to tell stories and provide guidance on your goals. He’s the guide you require at a particular moment in your life. Why do these wise old men show up in your fantasies?

The wizard’s symbol appears whenever you’re going through changes in your life , as they serve as advisors or help. The major changes will take place throughout our lives because they have the power to help guide you through.

  • Puberty
  • After High school graduation,
  • The college graduation ceremony,
  • Midlife crisis,
  • Ageing or near the end of your life.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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