Dreaming of Wolf

The reason the wolf is an exceptional dream symbolism is the closeness with Mother Earth and the wild instinctual behaviour. The wolf is a powerful omen who has decided to appear to you at the exact moment in your life. It is a symbol that is often linked to the unconscious, bringing you to the wild, masculine aspect that dreams are a part of.

The indigenous people believed that the wolf as a symbol of the loyalty of a family, strong ties to its members and good communication, as well as spirit, and the ability to think. Similar to the way we dream, we need to interpret the meaning of the Wolf metaphorically, as its characteristics are now part of our lives.

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Be aware that we are dealing with something that isn’t domesticated. You can suggest that the the wolf you see in your dreams is a result of your own desires, instincts and behaviors that must be managed. Humans have an inborn instinctual fear of wolves that is passed down through our genes from our ancestors, we should trust the image to us.

Wolf Symbolism In Dreams

  • Shadow – the undiscovered side of the dreamer
  • Repressed or hidden behaviors (ex. sexual desires, greed)
  • Unknown side of your character
  • Unconscious masculine traits
  • Reincarnation
  • Spiritual energy
  • The spirit

Wolf Dreams: Good vs Bad

A Wolf in our dreams has both either a positive or negative meaning based the way you interact with it. According to certain Native Americans the wolf has been an emblem of positive and negative.

The wolf is a symbol of the qualities of leadership, intelligence, a deep relationship with the instincts, and the capacity to the rigors of difficult times. Does the wolf you see in your dreams reflect these qualities of you at this moment?

A negative encounter with wolves could be a sign of subconscious traits that pose danger to you and others, or could be an indication that a threat is coming your way.

The other side of the coin could refer to the lustful and malicious sides of you that aren’t yet recognized in your daily life. The wolf could appear to you like you were the innocent ” little red riding hood“.

Analyzing Dream Wolf Attack

  • The gang was attacked by a gang of individuals.
  • A wolf bites could be a sign of betrayal. The location where you’re bit is a sign of the area to focus on. If you’ve been bitten on your hand , someone may decide to stop you from progressing.
  • If you’re running away or fighting it. The way you frame yourself in your dream could indicate how you can overcome this issue. Fearing your fears or attempting to overcome it.
  • What was in your vicinity at the time of the appearance of the wolf? What is the relationship of that person to the events taking place? If you’re not alone, think it might be an inner conflict.
  • Female wolves symbolize the nature’s nurturing power as Romulus and Remus who were both protected by wolves. The premise of the story “Little Red Riding Hood” is the wolf portrayed as the devouring Grandmother, as in addition to her “Great” mother nature that is wild.
  • A black wolf might be a sign of the existence of your “shadow” that is now appearing to you. The shadow represents everything we are unhappy about ourselves, but which isn’t acknowledged or put away as a child. The buried emotions, thoughts and thoughts require your attention regardless of how difficult it may be to confront them or they can cause havoc in your life. If you can shine spotlight on the dark corners of your home, then the wolf could be your most trusted companion.
  • Have you heard of the phrase ” a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. We encounter a lot of dangersome people in our lives who are able to profit from our weaknesses. People, like wolves, are clever and sly in their nature. People with high levels of psychopathy behave similar to wolves chasing the chicken coop. They are waiting to attack. It is possible that you need to incorporate parts of yourself that may be weak or innocent in order to safeguard yourself from harm.
  • Incorporating the wolf in you. If you’re too young like the poor red riding hood, you could be the next. You’ll need a wolf in order to capture one. Focusing on your own dark side is the most effective method to comprehend the other.
  • If you’re friendly with the wolf, it is a positive signification of an intimate connection to your instincts. It could be that you have a strong relationship with the wild as well as your shadow.

White, Grey & Black Color

Most likely, the colour of the Wolf is likely to be prominent in your dreams. What is the significance of color? It could be just an animal’s color, but it could give you clues to help you figure out what is going on.

The more intense colors, like black, suggest that you are more likely to be to confront the shadow. A threatening attack implies that you are a the victim of your own actions and suggests you don’t have any control over.

A white wolf could be a sign of the spirit or something that’s visible in the dark. White has always been regarded as a sign of purity, but the threat of attack could pose an attack on it. Grey could be a symbol of emotions or moods that aren’t recognized.

Wolves In FairyTales

Perhaps you remember when you were a kid, your parents would read your fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, or the Russian story Peter and the Wolf. The animals appear as cunning and deceitful, like” a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

The stories are based on the concept of the ravening wolf as well as of the animal that is released without injury from its stomach and is now a common archetype of a terrifying predatory adversary. The fables are as old to the 11th century, and have created terror in minds of young children because these blood-sucking animals seek our souls.

Carl Jung Wolf Symbolism

Carl Jung once said whenever you imagine the wolf following the dreamer, It is trying to reach you. It is tempting to ignore it, but this is unfamiliar to you, and if it is not acknowledged, the risk increases. Jung knew that the most effective way to deal with it was to allow it to take over and devour you. The desire to be devoured by a wolf you could indicate a change in the self.

The archetypal meaning of the wolf is that it contributes to evil, but also positive spiritual and positive aspects. The wolf is often viewed as a reflection of man, and its impulsiveness, aggression and insufficiency in sexual control. It is viewed as a deceitful, viscous predator, the concept of a wolf within the wilderness (unconscious) which reveals all the bad impulses men are born with, such as desire, greed and dissatisfaction. This is an excellent illustration of the concept Carl Jung would call the Shadow archetype.

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